The identification and organization of controlled vocabularies

Since the origins of the “PARCOURS” project, the inventory of the vocabularies existing within the various sources produced by the partners has been systematically undertaken and this, in the 3 laboratories initially involved in the project and producers of data: the Laboratoire de recherche des monuments historiques (LRMH), the Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France (C2RMF) and the Centre de recherche sur la conservation des collections (CRCC). The organization of the terminology used in all laboratories made it possible to distinguish several levels of vocabulary structuring: use of simple or detailed metadata, presence of an indexing system, descriptors, keywords, etc.

The context of use and the existence of tools specific to each entity also led us to define a certain number of harmonization rules based on the corpus of terms that this census had revealed: cleaning redundancies and duplicates, correction of acronyms, work on the bilingual aspect, beginning of standardization in the use of preferential terms, etc.

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